Winfried Adalbert Etzel

“ A great book. Definitely a topic more people in data should be concerned about. There is so much rapid change in the data world, disruption through generative AI, Data Mesh, you name it. But what’s been written about in this book stays relevant no matter the...

Andrew Foad

“ … thank you for writing Business Knowledge Blueprints. It’s a wonderful book. As a seasoned data modeler it has made me question everything I had believed to be good and true. Reading the book has given me more than one ‘penny drop’ moment...

Adrian Reed

“Excellent, practical, useable.” “This is a really clear, practical book which is clearly based on a huge amount of practitioner experience. There are practical examples given throughout, with clear guidance and lists of things to avoid/keep an eye out for. As a...

Christian Kaul

“ … really enjoyed your book, both for the actual content and the good writing.”

Monique Kebbe

“… one of the most useful and engaging books I’ve come across in a while. It’s full of highlights, underscores and notes … an invaluable resource for me.”