Bring your business knowledge to life with AI.

We’re here to help you navigate your AI journey.

BRSai guides our clients to take full advantage of the rapidly revolving AI landscape by making the best use of knowledge through AI technologies.

Use Generative AI to get the most out of your business knowledge.

You have countless nuggets of gold hidden in a wide variety of sources, from documents and files to employees’ brains. Increase the discoverability and usefulness of that knowledge and give it a voice through Generative AI.

How We Can Help

Our specialized expertise and pragmatic approach will guide you in your AI journey. Look to BRSai to do the heavy lifting, to train and mentor your team, and to avoid pitfalls along the way.

Getting Started

New to AI? Not sure where to start? Our step-by-step approach will move you confidently toward deploying and integrating AI chatbots for everyday business challenges.

Build Chatbots

Your content, we build it. With appropriate guardrails and clear instructions, your custom chatbot summarizes and synthesizes content. Using Generative AI, it can highlight hidden connections, unlocking insights and knowledge.

Generative AI Strategy

Partner with us on your AI journey. From selection to strategy, we can help you invest wisely by shaping your company’s big-picture roadmap.

AI Readiness

Are you ready for AI? AI isn’t just about the tools you use, it’s about the fundamentals you build on. Structuring your information, culture, and data for success is the solid foundation you need.

Learn live

As part of our solutions, we offer different training services to suit your business needs and schedule. Whether it’s training sessions in-person or from a distance, we support it.

Learn by Doing

Our Learn-By-Doing program is designed to pair our consultants with your internal staff to conduct detailed project work over a 6-8 week period.

In-house Workshops

Let’s get into it. A full intensive workshop onsite or virtually where we provide hands-on exercises and in-depth expertise.