Your First Data Team

Build from the ground up. Let us be your trusted data partner in crafting a strategic vision, implementing robust data architecture, and fostering a strong data culture.

Data Health Check

Health is wealth. Let us conduct a comprehensive assessment of your data ecosystem, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Augment your Data Team

Our highly trained staff can step in to work alongside your team to fill urgent needs, provide specialized expertise, or be your reliable data partner.

Data Capability Matrix Services

We are highly experienced in every capability of the Matrix. Let us help you plan, design, and deploy strong data-driven outcomes.


Getting Started

New to AI? Not sure where to start? Our step-by-step approach will move you confidently toward deploying and integrating AI chatbots for everyday business challenges.

Build Chatbots

Build Generative AI chatbots with appropriate guardrails and instructions to unlock insights from valuable sources of knowledge and highlight hidden connections.

Generative AI Strategy

Partner with us on your AI journey. Let us help you target your investments more productively and shape your company’s big-picture AI roadmap.

AI Readiness

Using AI productively is not just about the tools. Your information, culture, and data need to be structured for success. BRS’s proven techniques can help you build the solid foundation you need.


Build Business Glossary

Establish a robust business glossary that serves equally well for policy development, business documentation, data design, and IT requirements.

Connect with Data

Connect with Data

Map business vocabulary to your data dictionary, in order to improve the user friendliness and accessibility of your data.

Breakdown Silos

Identify and address troublesome issues of misinterpretation and disconnects across your business by working with individual groups to adopt a common vocabulary.

Comprehensive Concept Model

Create a Concept Model (business ontology) to assist with leveraging data more fully, create a solid foundation for data warehousing, and/or support mergers and acquisitions.


Rule Health Check

Don’t know what your rules are? Where are they implemented? Why rolling out changes is so time-consuming and difficult? What is causing your data quality issues? We will diagnose your problems and point you to a solution.

Policy Interpretation

Analyze policies, regulations, and rules to make them practicable – ready to deploy to the business side or to IT

Policy Busting

Quicker solutions to many issues are addressed by tackling policies, rather than processes. Let us help you pinpoint what’s not working – and identify solutions.

Comprehensive Rule Capture

Success comes from organized and well-expressed rules. Extracting rules from various sources — written down or not – into clear and accessible language is our specialty.

Learn Your Way

As part of our solutions, we offer different training services to suit your business needs and schedule. Whether it’s training sessions in-person or from a distance, we support it.

Learn by Doing

Our Learn-By-Doing program is designed to pair our consultants with your internal staff to conduct detailed project work over a 6-8 week period.

In-house Workshops

Let’s get into it. A full intensive workshop onsite or virtually where we provide hands-on exercises and in-depth expertise.

BRSolution Professional Training Suite

All the flexibility without the hassle. Learn at your own pace with our BRSolution Professional Training Suite. With the same great instructors, we offer training modules that cover everything you need to know.
brsolutions professional training suite