Grasp the story behind your data.

We’re here to enable you to get valuable insights from your data you can trust. 

 BRSdata aims to enable data capabilities for organizations holistically, accounting for the technical, human, and business context when designing data solutions.

Understand your data beyond the numbers.

We get it. We know data is unnecessarily complicated. Let us do the heavy lifting. Our BRSdata Capability Matrix shows all the ways we can help. By understanding your data, you can gain new strategic insight into your business practices.

Data Capability Matrix

How We Can Help

Our specialized expertise and pragmatic approach will guide you in your data journey. Look to BRSdata to do the heavy lifting, to train and mentor your team, and to avoid pitfalls along the way.

Your First Data Team

Build from the ground up. Let us be your trusted data partner in crafting a strategic vision, implementing robust data architecture, and fostering a strong data culture.

Data Health

Health is wealth. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your data ecosystem, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement.

Augment your Data Team

Our highly trained staff can step in to work alongside your team to fill urgent needs, provide specialized expertise, or be your reliable data partner.

Data Capability Matrix Services

We are highly experienced in every capability of the Matrix. Let us help you plan, design, and deploy strong data-driven outcomes.

Learn live

As part of our solutions, we offer different training services to suit your business needs and schedule. Whether it’s training sessions in-person or from a distance, we support it.

Learn by Doing

Our Learn-By-Doing program is designed to pair our consultants with your internal staff to conduct detailed project work over a 6-8 week period.

In-house Workshops

Let’s get into it. A full intensive workshop onsite or virtually where we provide hands-on exercises and in-depth expertise.