BBC Conference

About the Building Business Capability (BBC) Conference

The annual BBC conference is co-organized  along with Rising Media, an event management company. Gladys S.W. Lam is Executive Director. Ronald G. Ross is Chair. In a recent year, over 1,400 people attended from 27 countries around the world, 43 U.S. states, and 9 Canadian provinces. BBC is the Official Conference of the IIBA®.

BBC is distinguished by its focus on complete business solutions, not just IT or technology. Its attendees represent an exceptional body of professionals tasked with building more capable organizations. It features world-class case studies from around the globe, presentations by industry thought-leaders, and high-profile workshops.

BBC BRS conference

BRS started BBC as the Business Rules Forum conference in 2000. The focus was expanded to decision models in 2007, to business processes in 2008, and to business architecture in 2013.

A major milestone for the BBC occurred in 2010, when it partnered with the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) to cover the business analysis space. Today the BBC includes 4 Trails, more than a dozen Themes, a world-class Product Expo, and limitless opportunities for networking.

BBC is all about projecting leadership in the professional space. Topics and presenters are selected for thought leadership, innovation and excellence. BBC is the fun place to be for serious professionals.